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Music is that feelings sound like...

For me as a drummer, the process of writing music has always been an out of reach. For a long time I was sure that people write music out of this world. But after a while I realized that music is a state of mind, and to create it you need not notes, you need an impulse. Each person has his own, which means that the music should be special.


Author's music is presented as separate singles not related to the album. All tracks are assigned ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) codes and are distributed under Creative Commons - CC. This license allows you to use the music of other authors in commercial projects after the conclusion of the relevant agreement.


There is a separate section of music - remixes (covers), which is a reworking of music by other authors. All of them are created in the genre of parodies, which does not violate copyright law and exempts from paying copyright fees. Although in some countries, this type of music content is still banned. For example, in the Russian Federation and other countries.


This type of music content is created specifically for stage use and is not intended to be played in any other way. Such music is not distributed electronically or on other types of media. However, in some special cases, such music may be republished under a different license and transferred to another person as the legal successor.

The JOKER card figure is not the most constant. At any moment, it can change the course of the game and lead its owner to victory. But as for music, here too, events can develop unexpectedly. At first, a calm, almost lulling tune suddenly gives way to a dizzying drum roll, drawing the listener into the depths of polyphony and a sharp change in rhythm, playing with him his "card game".

ISRC: GBLPF0266001
The idea of writing the song TECHNO-BELLS came to my mind after studying the technique of playing church bells. Oddly enough, this old, seemingly little used playing technique, has forever sunk into oblivion, but no - new young bell ringers are increasingly making themselves known. So, there was a desire to combine the sound of bells with progressive music.

ISRC: GBLPF0265911
Seven drops of water - this is how the name of this composition is translated. There are many interesting events in the world that prompt the composer to get down to business. The idea of writing this composition arose when observing a simple natural phenomenon - a water drop falling on the surface, forming intricate rhythmic patterns.

ISRC: GBLPF0265912
Synthetics is a modified sound of voices combined into a single polyrhythmic model. The composition is built on two different rhythmic beats, 6/8 and 8/8. There is even such a genre of music as mathematical rock, the purpose of which is to form in the listener a sense of the volume of music caused by the beating of the phase of two time intervals.

ISRC: GBLPF0265913
Into the fire! - this is how the name of this song is translated. Fire is not only a warmth warming our souls and giving fragrant kebabs for the next weekend, it is also a destructive force. Depends on who is in the hands of it. However, we must not forget that nature itself sometimes presents an unexpected plot, when, by captivity, you have to take your feet to hell.

ISRC: GBLPF0265514


You can listen to the tracks described above by going to the streaming sites, the list of which is given below. High quality sound in the WAVE format (without compression and compression) allows you to store music tracks without loss of quality, as they were recorded in the studio. Also, on these servers you can listen to music of other authors in high quality.

Music is distributed free of charge, that is, you do not need to pay for listening. If you want to download a track for your own use, you can do this after registering on the chosen streaming site. Commercial use of the tracks is allowed only after the conclusion of an appropriate agreement with the label representatives.


Can I use your music in my projects?
Yes, you can use music in your projects, but only for personal use. If you are planning to make a commercial product, then you need to sign an appropriate agreement with our official partner.
Is all the music presented on the site in high quality?
Music tracks of the author's production, presented on the official sites of our partners, are recorded in high studio quality in the WAVE - waveform - "waveform" format. This container is used to store uncompressed PCM audio.
Where can I download your music?
Author's music in high quality is available on the official streaming sites of our partners. However, there are tracks that have low sound quality and are intended primarily for informational purposes. It can be remixes, covers, etc.
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