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Sparkling Drum Show
from a virtuoso drummer

MARSHAL is an author's musical project with elements of a theatrical show.
Stunning drum solos, modern electronic music, inimitable energy and sound.
The vocal percussion technique used by the author fills the performance with an unusual sound, and his stage images create a spectacular show.


A reworked vocal art of performing the so-called stressed syllables based on "connacol".


Play complex (odd) drum beats in different time signatures and combinations.

Orchestra directed

Author's control system for musical accompaniment during the performance. In this case, the artist, as it were, acts as a DJ.

Dizzying solos

Drum solos, built on the basis of a pair of diddles, will not leave indifferent fans of fast play on the bar and bans.

Give Your Friends a Real Gift


Corporate events
VIP - parties

Performance program with maximum rigging.


Children's matinees

An abbreviated program for children and adults.


Open Airs
City Holidays

Mixed program for festivals, circles, etc.

Watch Presentation

100% Positive and
Soul Drive

The presence of charisma is an integral part of the modern artist. The ability to give a good mood is the main rule of a professional.

360 ° Surround
Full Stuffing

A mind blowing drum solo surrounded by drums. The drummer is at the center of the action, spectators can watch him play from all sides.