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How it all began

Music is history
a lifetime

Music as an art not constant in time sounds, disappearing in space.
The drum show "MARSHAL" leaves vivid impressions for a long time.

Playing drums, a musician hears music in his own way. For him, rhythm matters more than melody. But playing polyrhythmy, the conditions under which different sizes of musical rhythms intersect, something incomprehensible happens. It seems that the entire universe is revealing its secrets.


The main idea of ​​the Marshal project originated in 2014. All events preceding this project were reactive in nature. The youthful dream of a young musician drummer could have ended in a dream, if not for the events that took place in Ukraine at the specified time. Love for music revived youthful passions. Having reached adulthood and having acquired sufficient experience in organizational and financial activities, it was decided to create a commercial instrumental project in the form of a musical show. Having devoted sufficient time to perfecting the performing skills, it was later proposed to create a drum show that would include elements of theatrical choreography. A special role in this project is played by the performance of the vocal parts of the connacol.

Cedric Guiard

1986 y

Alexis Arragon

2010 y

Gilles Gambier


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