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The era of digital transformation

We live in a world that is constantly changing and these changes are necessary for survival. Much of what mankind has achieved over the long years of evolution serves it for its benefit, providing more and more new opportunities for life and creativity. With the advent of computing, thinking has become much easier and, most importantly, faster. Today, thanks to computers, you can not only solve vital issues, but also create truly amazing things.

Our project actively uses computer technology. We write music, create videos, communicate with our fans and all this has become possible thanks to innovation. Now, we are creating a virtual ensemble entirely built around the use of animated 3-D musicians. The time has come when a musician should be not only a sound producer but also a little bit of a programmer.

This innovative project is aimed at finding solutions to promote our music brand and deliver author's ideas to our public. Nevertheless, we are open to cooperation and are ready to come to the aid of our colleagues in the shop, creating exclusive solutions for them on an individual order. Welcome!

We move in time with time, because we are - EVOLUTION!


A virtual cyber group or (band) is an independent collective of several self-sufficient musicians - avatars. All of them are protected by copyright and cannot be used for other purposes other than the project's own needs. The band can be used to promote the Marshall music brand. Participate in all kinds of competitions and selections, present the musical creativity of the project in any meaningful way. Also, the group can participate in the filming of clips and photo sessions and take part in their own advertising activities or third-party developers. Moreover, the group can take part in TV interviews, according to a pre-programmed program and by appointment!


It is quite obvious that the group exists only in digital form. However, like any digital product, product or service, a virtual group also has technical characteristics. All animations, poses, clothes and other accessories are part of the group's image and can be changed at the discretion of the author of the project. The quality of the output image with which the group is displayed on the screens of user computers and other digital devices directly depends on the capabilities of the listed devices as well as the rendering parameters used to create the final slide or video stream. All these characteristics are interpretable, that is, they can be replaced or modified depending on the task at hand.


The virtual band performs only original music created under the Marshal brand as part of the Royal Beat digital distribution committee. All music is available on special streaming sites and is the property of the author. The band has the exclusive right to perform such music. The author of the project decides for himself which scores will be used by the group. All members of the group are universal performers and are not tied to specific instruments, but according to his plan, the author even endows all musicians with a certain purpose, thus forming the composition of musicians more or less similar to a real musical group. Although this concept is not regulated.

Percussion instruments (drums)

The basis of any modern music is rhythm. A good rhythm makes good music, and a good drummer makes the task doable.

We have a great drummer

Bass guitar and vocals

The bass guitar is the second obligatory link in the rhythm section of any band. There is practically no music in which there is no bass component. Moreover, our bass player is also a great singer. His velvety gentle voice will not leave indifferent any romantic heart!

Synthesizer and backing vocals

Sportswoman, activist and just a beauty ...
This is exactly what I would like to say about our participant, if she were a real girl. The master of melody and synthesis is our charming and forever young keyboard player.

Guitar and other wind instruments

Meet this our "chocolate bunny", or the guy who plays the guitar and even the saxophone. A dark-skinned (colored) tall man with a confident talent and a strong-looking body.

Percussion instruments (bongos, congas, tabla ...)

Kind, charming, moderately attractive our beloved "Old Man Hottabych" or a specialist in percussion instruments. It may seem strange, but he is an inseparable link of a single team. Believe it or not, this seemingly elderly man is the backbone of the entire team. Or maybe he's just a wizard? ..


VR - This is the name given to the ultra-modern technology for viewing video content Virtual Reality. The essence of this technology is to create a three-dimensional visual sensation for an observer who views a specially constructed image through stereo glasses. Video content is filmed with the help of two video cameras installed at different angles, where each camera "sees" the general subject of shooting, while capturing its own part of it. As a result, the observer sees as if two identical images are located one next to the other. Putting on glasses, consisting of short-focus lenses, the observer adds these two images into one and he sees a three-dimensional image of the subject.

Virtual reality technology is developing and improving. New industries are emerging from simple multimedia fun to complex scientific experiments. Our team also took part in the development of their volume content system. We have created a special mobile application that allows you to plunge into the world of virtual reality and visit our music cyberband while inside the digital world. We have created a virtual space where our 3D musicians seem to come to life playing our author's music for you.


All you need to visit our studio in virtual reality is your favorite smartphone and specially designed or purchased stereo glasses. Slip your smartphone into your glasses and plunge into a new world of digital reality. You can make glasses yourself, simply by cutting them out of cardboard following the instructions indicated on the link or buy ready-made ones. The selection of ready-made glasses is simply huge. There are glasses with already built-in headphones and equipped with joysticks (optional) and a lens adjustment system (optional). But before buying, be sure to make sure that they fit your smartphone. Now download our application to your smartphone, put on your 3D glasses and enjoy what you see. The app assumes you have access to content, which you can purchase in the app.

Now you can download the application and install it on your gadgets - ANDROID Smartphone & Helmet OCULUS.



After starting the program and loading the system data, the main console (menu) of scenes opens on the screen. Here you can select the scene you want to watch. The selection is made by moving the cursor in the form of a white dot in the center of the screen. The cursor follows the movement of the player's head. Some buttons are time-delayed to prevent accidental operation. Scene information is presented as separate blocks (boxes). Each block contains short information about the scene (location, musical composition, instruments used, etc.), a screenshot of the scene, and a button to go to that scene. If the button is highlighted in red, it means that you do not have access to this scene, but you can purchase it for a fee.

As the project develops, new scenes will be created based on different locations, music and other features. In this regard, the console can be modified and improved. You don't need to worry, as all updates and add-ons will be downloaded automatically. Moreover, we are planning to introduce a cumulative system of discounts for our clients. As you acquire game scenes, their subsequent cost will decrease.


While inside the game scene, the user can control its state. The control buttons, depending on the design of the scene, can be located in different places. The main ones are indicated in the form of pictograms.

GRAPHICS QUALITY - The graphics quality selection button allows you to change the graphics level depending on the performance of the user's device. The main levels are: L - low, M - middle, H - high.

The button is hidden during scene playback.
FLIGHT MODE - A button to turn on or off the flight mode, in which the user will see the scene as if floating above the ground.
The button is hidden during scene playback.

RETURN - Button to exit the current scene and return to the previous application window, that is, to the console.
The button is hidden during scene playback.

PLAY - Button to start and stop playback. The button works with a one second delay. To activate the selected mode, you need to hold your gaze on the button for a second.


Access to additional content, namely game scenes, is purchased for a fee. The scene will be closed on first launch. The ban on access is lifted immediately after payment for the selected scene. The procedure for accessing the scene is described below ...

  1. Hover over the scene you are interested in
  2. Wait for a new window to appear with a warning about exiting 3D mode
  3. Select the BUY button on the right side of this window
  4. After opening the page in the browser, choose a convenient payment method (now payment via WebMoney is available)
  5. After making a payment, tap the "BACK" button to return to the console window
  6. In a few seconds, the selected scene will become available for viewing.
The WebMoney service is a secure and anonymous payment method. It allows you to accept payments both in internal electronic currency and in other ways, using banking, credit cards or bitcoins. You will probably need to register with this service, although the webmoney service does not insist on this. This is a fairly convenient service that allows you to analyze payments, identify payment errors and make a refund in the event of an erroneous or double payment.